Sunday, April 4, 2010

Confessions Featuring Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs is disgustingly misogynistic. His favorite two words must be “bitch” and “ho”. He has a very affectionate position towards prostitution, even with chicks that he likes. “If she was selling pussy, she’d be on a goldmine”. In the same song that contains that lovely lyric, “Queen (Luv U 2 Death)”, he “shows respect” to shorty by shooting her in the chest, instead of the head, for getting him robbed. If love ain’t grand, you know?

Crazy thing is that I love him. I’m having an extra-marital Hip-Hop affair with Freddie Gibbs and today, I no longer hide it. True story, I’d be his “bitch” if he wanted me to. Put me on the street though? No. We can role-play though if he wanted to. I’m down for whatever. Lady in the streets and a freak in the bed, right?

Why would I, Ciara, be infatuated with a dude who would put me on the stroll if he could? I tend to like my rappers “nice”. “Take them home to Dad” nice. B.o.B “Nothing on You” nice. Gibbs ain’t that nice. Shit, he’s straight mean. “Put a bullet in your brain” mean. But yet, through all of those things, I’d rather fuck with him behind closed doors than out on the street. He’s my mistress. My Hip-Hop mistress.

I use of all this as a metaphor to explain my recent infatuation with Freddie Gibbs. On the surface, there is nothing about Gibbs that would be attracting to me, the 22-year-old NOW-flag-waving, quick-with-the-feminism, Tampax-swearing chick. Like I said, I tend to like my rap more “gender-friendly” than “gender-hating” but I can look past off of those things with Gibbs because, frankly, dude and I can relate.

Relate on what, you ask? While our lives were and continue to be different, there are common themes that we all share in life: redemption, fear, death, love, hate, faith, fortune, losing and winning. Freddie’s music covers that. We all feel those emotions even if they manifest themselves in different ways.

And that’s what made me gravitate towards Freddie. Like I said, I like my rap “nice” but I also LOVE my rap “real”. You wonder why I’ve never been a fan of “trap rap”. Because 89% of that shit is fake. Most of the dudes rapping that shit have never held a brick in their lives. Yeah, Freddie drops an occasional drug line here and there but its laced within an honest story of growing up in a time and place where that’s all you know. You don’t profess to be a kingpin or don. You profess to make it to tomorrow. “A body is set to drop and guess who it ain’t gonna be.”Survival of the fittest. That’s not just a “hood” thing but rather a life thing. That’s what I relate to.

So that’s what my relationship with Freddie Gibbs consists of. We can relate, have a decent conversation; he gives me the orgasm of my life – musically, of course – and then he bounces until we see each other again. But now that everyone knows about it… can we?


  1. aint that bout a bitch? I hope you know you dont have shit to say to me about this ever again lol...

  2. i doubt Gibbs like much talking from his

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