Sunday, February 14, 2010


I had to tie one of my co-worker's neckties today.

Surreal experience, I have to say. He came up to me, face contorted, trying to figure out how his Dad tied his necktie for work. Apparently, it came unraveled and the narrow end was longer than the wider part, or foot, of the tie. He asked me, "Do you know how to tie a tie?" and I told him yeah. I'd just have to do it on me first.

So I sat in front of a mirror, twisting and turning the tie until I got the perfect triangular knot. "Perfect". I actually wanted to see him put it on so I knew that it worked. It did.

It's one of those moments that you envision in some other capacity but yet at this particular moment, it worked. Dude was 18, a baby. I'm 22 and a female. What in the world am I doing showing a 18-year-old dude how to tie a necktie? But then something hit me: You know how many young men don't have people in their lives to teach them how?

My co-worker was different - his Pops helped him with his tie - but for a lot of young males, they don't have a person in their lives to teach them one of those things that truly makes them "a man". "What grown man doesn't know how to tie a tie?" A lot.

I taught myself how to do it from watching my Dad do it every morning. Sitting on the counter, watching my Dad tie the perfect half-windsor before he went to work. Tying his tie to say "this man is ready for what's coming his way." It's one of those moments that you take for granted until you find yourself standing in front of a young dude tying his necktie.