Friday, October 30, 2009

Video: Stalley "The Autobiography"

Dope dude. Dope record.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tortured W. Va Woman Recants Story, Lied About Her Ordeal

You can't make this shit up even if you were Balloon Boy's parents

A black woman whose allegations of horrific abuse helped put several people in prison now says she lied when she alleged she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and tortured in a ramshackle West Virginia trailer.

West Virginia authorities said in 2007 that Megan Williams, now of Columbus, Ohio, had been stabbed, beaten with sticks, sexually assaulted, doused with hot water, forced to eat animal feces and taunted with racial slurs. She later said that hot wax was poured on her and that two of her captors had forced to drink their urine.

An unsigned statement released Wednesday by the office of her Columbus lawyer, Byron L. Potts, said simply, "Megan Williams is now recanting her story." Williams was scheduled to attend a news conference Wednesday in Columbus along with Potts. [Source]
Back in 2007, a racial firestorm erupted when Williams alleged that a group of Whites beat and tortured her inside a shack. Of course, the Rev. Al Sharpton got involved (TV crews were there, right?) and came to her and her family's defense, even donating $1,000 as a "Christmas" gift. Now, Sharpton is alleging, amongst other people including the prosecution, that there may be some mental problems and that if she did indeed make the story up, all convicted should be released.

The crazy thing -- no pun intended -- is that all the physical evidence showed that she was beat the hell down. The question -- and real concern -- is whether she did those things to herself or that she's back up here trying to drum up some publicity. How this benefits her, I have no damn idea.

Woman in W. Va torture case says she lied [MSNBC]
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Ghosts of Teenage Past

About two weeks ago, I was chopping it up with some of my people on Twitter when one person tweeted that B2K was on BET. For a second I thought, "what is this? 2003?" but then I scurried to the TV and turned it on to see Boog and Fizz, two of the original members of the group, on Mo'Nique's new late-night show.

For a brief moment, I thought I was 15 again. See, during my early teenage years, I was a B2K FANATIC. From the posters to the concerts to the DVDs to the movies, I had it all. Thanks to all the tape marks and paint chips, my room is still a reflection of that era for me. You couldn't tell me that Boog wasn't fine. I was in love. My whole life was encapsulated by the group that when they broke up in 2004, I was crushed. Not to the brink of tears but crushed nonetheless.

So while watching Boog and Fizz all grown up and whatnot, I wondered what it was about them that made me go into fits of uncontrollable frenzy. I wasn't like those girls who would shake, rattle and roll if they saw them on the screen. Instead, I would just stare at the screen as if I wasn't going to see them again. I found myself doing that two weeks ago, engaged in everything they had to say as if I was going to chat online about it for hours at a time. For three years, that was my life. It was B2K and everything else. So seeing them make music again - even if it isn't all that great - puts a smile on my face because a part of my adolescent and naive years are here, here during a time when it sometimes pains me to be an adult.

Video: Alicia Keys "Doesn't Mean Anything"

Classic Alicia

(Yeah, I know ... it's been a while. Updates coming shortly...)

Friday, October 16, 2009

B*tch Tendencies: Usher and Joe Budden

Being a propanganda whore in the world of popular media can be a gift and a curse. While some people bask in that proverbial popularity glow, others find themselves fighting for their privacy in a game of tug and war: the more you put out, the less you can expect to hold back. You wonder why Jay and Beyonce’ are mad hush-hush about their relationship? Simple: the more they spill the beans, the less they’ll have a chance to hold on to the one thing that really isn’t anybody’s business.

That’s why it was extremely odd when Joe Budden called out his ex-girlfriend Tahiry for “talking too much” about their relationship while she was on The Morning After with Angela Yee on SiriusXM last week. For those under a rock – or never on Worldstar – and are like “Tah-who?”, Joe Budden, you know … Mr. “Pump Pump Pump It Up!”, featured then-girlfriend Tahiry in his webisode series and livestreams. Tahiry started to gain her own attention from the internets, thanks to her assets and Joey saw a goldmine: the more they would talk and gawk about his girl, the more attention Joey would get to hawk his product: his music. It worked. People clawed for the chance to see Joey and Tahiry – really Tahiry – around the crib, arguing with each other and so forth. At one point, Tahiry even started her own website – TahiryTV.

This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if Budden wasn’t already an attention whore. Joey was guilty of pulling out the camera for extra attention (see: “beef” with Method Man and Mickey Factz-blinking SOS-Raekwon’s henchman punchout) and people started to take notice at the eagerness to pull out the cam when the streets were talking. So when word hit the nets that Joe and Tahiry broke up, Joe allegedly – you know he did it – posted a video of he and Tahiry in a heated argument. The video was pulled but at that point, damage was done. Later, Joey livestreamed from the studio, appearing distraught about the whole ordeal. So while Tahiry stayed quiet about their break-up until her latest appearance on Complex Magazine’s website, Joey ran their breakup through the mill. That’s why when he called out Tahiry for using their break-up for publicity, the internets laughed in Joey’s face. The man responsible for pumping that girl into the living rooms – and bedrooms – of America is now claiming that SHE is using their relationship to her advantage.

He doesn’t touch the king of this s*it: Usher. Last week, Usher dropped a new single called “Papers”, a song allegedly speaking on his divorce with wife Tameka. With a new album coming at the end of year, now titled “Raymond v. Raymond” – another nod to his divorce, Usher is going back into his marketing playbook of using his relationships to sell records. For his fourth album, Confessions, Usher used his break-up with Chilli and the rumors of his cheating as bait for the public to listen to his album. Was he talking about her on “Confessions” or what? When Chilli called Usher out for using their relationship as a tool to sell albums, Usher denied it.

However, he used his then-controversial marriage to Tameka as bait for his last album, Here I Stand, and is using their tumultuous divorce as propaganda for Raymond v. Raymond. That’s why when word got out that Usher called the cops on Tameka for allegedly keying his car, the internets – like with Joey – laughed in Usher’s face. Of course, she keyed your car and tore up your property and all of this happens around the time you drop “Papers”. Uncanny, right? *rolls eyes*

Usher and Joe Budden don’t subscribe to the Bey/Jay creed and right now, it’s to their own detriment. While it may gain them some of our attention, albeit temporary, they are making themselves look like attention-craving piranhas in the Amazon we like to call the internet. Throw them a piece of meat, it’s a wrap. Once there is no more, they’ll start eating each other until you feel some pity and throw them another piece of meat. It’s like going to crazy lengths for survival – of their careers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crybabies: Washington Redskins

When asked what has been the toughest part of their 2-3 start, Washington Redskin Mike Sellers said “reporters”. Since the start of the season, the Skins have faced some of the strongest and most potent criticisms from columnists and radio folk. Today, in an act of pseudo-solidarity, some players refused to speak to the media (Jason Campbell didn’t get that memo).

For a lot of the Skins, the media is at fault for their demise. Local radio just called them “soft” and even Skins legends, like Joe Theismann and John Riggins, have publically declared their anger through the media as well. The media is making the entire situation “worse than what it is”. The season isn’t lost at 2-3, so it’s the media’s fault that everyone wants coach Jim Zorn fired and the whole team imploded.

Every person with a mind knows that is some crap.

This type of media assault has been in the making for the past five years. Thanks to owner/Tom Cruise diaper-changer Daniel Snyder and VP of player personnel Vinny Cerrato, the Skins have become the punching bag of the NFL. Hell, you could argue that Snyder’s shit has hit the fan with the media since he’s pulled off some of the most arrogant and nonsensical signings in NFL history (an aging Deion Sanders and a not over-the-hill but over-the-Allegheny-Mts. Bruce Smith as your first big signings? The hell?).

With NFC East competitors like the Giants and Eagles threatening a Super Bowl run and Dallas’ ever-presence in playoff talks (winning in one….ehh), the Skins cannot afford to fall to 2-4. Guess what, they could. But it’s not that they are just 2-3, they are 2-3 thanks to the Lions, Panthers and Giants. They had to come back to beat a winless Tampa two weeks ago. Simply put, they aren’t that good. So now they want to complain about sympathy?

You win, people like you. You lose, people hate you. That simple. The Skins aren’t winning. Why blame the media when you are the ones strapping up the pads and getting your ass kicked every week. I didn’t know that media members were supposed to provide fellatio at the snap of the football.

The LAST thing that you need to be complaining about is the media. The media doesn’t get stopped at the goal line. The media doesn’t have any receivers. The media didn’t give up 17 points in one quarter. The media didn’t get their ankles snapped by Jake Delhomme on a quarterback option. The media didn’t get sacked five times in a game. The media couldn’t cover. The media didn’t let a player punk them out of a game (hello Mike Sellers). The media didn’t snap the Lions losing streak. That was YOU. You have NO right to be mad at anybody when you’re losing.

Where’s the mirror? Hello, Skins. You’re some garbage and guess what, the media isn’t saying that. The fans are. Are you going to say that they are getting on your nerves too?

Grow some balls. It’s going to get worse. Or what, will that be the media’s fault too?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Required Reading: Beanie Sigel, XXL, September 2005

Every couple of days, I'll go back into my magazine stash and find some old articles that hold some significance here and now. From hip-hop to sports to politics, see how much little can change and what really stays the same.


A Philly Bravado and Required Reading collaboration. A fresh-out-the-clink Beanie Sigel talks Roc breakup, State Property internal issues and his future rap campaign in the September 2005 issue of XXL.

Very interesting tidbits in this one. Sigel calls out Jay and Dame for their egos getting in the way of keeping the crew alive and speaks on Jay's lack of communication while Beans was locked up. He also had some choice words for Young Chris, who in a previous issue of XXL, allegedly said that State Prop was never really a true unit (almost Wu-like). Beans tooks REAL exception to that one (clearly, it got squashed).


(click to enlarge)

Video: Meek Mill "Hottest In The City"

Yep, Meek with actual product in the streets. I believe this is off of Meek's tape with DJ Drama. Good for him (seriously).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Father Solicits Sex From Estranged Teenage Daughter via Facebook

Is this a trend? Geez.

Attorney General Tom Corbett announces the arrest of five Internet predators from Lancaster County, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Schuylkill County, including a father who allegedly used the social networking site Facebook to sexually proposition his biological daughter.

A 39-year-old Lititz man, faces charges of unlawful contact with a minor (related to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse), unlawful contact with a minor (related to statutory sexual assault), and criminal attempted incest.

The man allegedly used Facebook to locate and proposition his daughter, calling himself "Big Daddy." He proposed meeting his daughter for sex and discussed sex acts in graphic detail, Corbett said.

The man told the girl, "Not many fathers and daughters are this brave, so not many of them are so lucky to experience these pleasures."

The girl alerted her mother, who contacted Ephrata Borough Police. [Source]
First of all, no 13-year-old should have a Facebook. Secondly, "Big Daddy"? ... Gross.

Lancaster County Man Busted for Allegedly Sexually Propositioning his Biological Daughter on Facebook [Fox 43]

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Will Help Asian-Black Relations

Everyone has a camera phone, huh? Caught on tape is a fight -- really, an one-sided kurk-out -- between a Asian lady and a Black lady on a bus in San Francisco.

I feel sorry for this girl's mother...

Video via Gawker.

Video: Gucci Mane feat. Plies "Wasted"

Gucci Mane runs radio right now. You know you know his verse from "Break Up"

Girls are like buses...miss one, next 15 one coming...

Getting Along “Too Well”

In all the jobs I’ve held, I’ve always had one co-worker that I vibe with very well. At my first job, his name was Eric. From the first day, he and I clicked, laughing and joking as if we knew each other for a long time. We got so cool that eventually management purposely wanted to split us apart, citing some unsubstantiated – and ridiculously “high school” – rumor that Eric and I were in a relationship. Never mind the fact that Eric had a girlfriend and never mind the fact that I had some other “relationship” drama at the job, people still believed that him and I were knocking boots after happy hour.

So at my new job, I’ve clicked with another male co-worker. Though we met a few days ago, we’re vibing with each other very well except things seem a little more expedited.

We already play fight, already had some deep conversations. There were one or two looks at each other that were questionable. I can’t front, his smile KILLS me. Needless to say, I’m getting a tad bit concerned because isn’t it a tad bit too early to be getting along this well?

The more I think about it (trust, it’s all I think about right now…), the more I think that what he and I have is no different than what Eric and I had. Eric became my big brother at my job, watching my back and defending me when need be. After I left to go back to school, he and I vowed to remain in touch and we do. So new dude and I are going to be aight, right?

Here’s where I’m concerned. After a few weeks of working with Eric, I developed a crush on him. A HUGE crush on him. I can remember when I found out that he had a girlfriend. I was CRUSHED. I remember going to my Aunt’s house, venting for hours about how someone so “perfect” was so damn unattainable. Every other sentence: “Dammit! Why does he have a girlfriend?!” Admittedly na├»ve at that time, I guess it was easy for me to take Eric’s behavior with me as him flirting or liking me. To this day, he and I laugh about it. It was cute.

So with this new situation, I’m a tad bit nervous. Conventional wisdom would say that it isn’t that big of a deal. Men and woman can get along like that and it’s not anything but just that: getting along. However, others will say that it could manifest into something else if you aren’t careful. At this point, I’ve playing it day by day, not trying to over think the situation. We’re co-workers. It’s imperative that we get along with each other; it makes work a WHOLE lot easier. But where’s the line … and why do I want to cross it?

Monday, October 5, 2009

College Bans Dorm Sex with Roomate Present

The ever-present world of freshman dorm room/ brothels on Friday and Saturday nights is officially a wrap at Tufts University.

Penn State sophomore Ricky Morales and his roommates worked it out themselves: If the others are asleep, it's OK to have sex with a partner in the room.

"It's all about communication. That's what it comes down to," said Morales, a journalism major from Stroudsburg, Pa.

But at Tufts University near Boston, students apparently weren't able to negotiate such delicate matters so deftly.

After receiving about a dozen complaints in the last several years from a student body of 5,000, the upscale private university this fall took what is at the very least an unusual step in the world of college housing: It banned in writing sex with a roommate present. [Source]

I happen to think that it shouldn't take a housing rule for two people to figure out the ground rules of their room. In my years of college life, it was a given: If one of us is in the room, none of us will play. That simple. Now, some people may not have a problem with hearing squeaky dorm beds rocking back and forth while their trying to sleep but honestly, I don't think I wanna know those folks.

College sex unnecessary, many say [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Note: Speaking of sex, "What's Sex to a Teenager" is postponed until next month because I finally found a job. Woohoo! Therefore, expect for that stuff next month and also expect for posting to slow down a tad until I can figure out how to work this blog around it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Required Reading: Brett Favre, ESPN The Magazine, January 2003

Every couple of days, I'll go back into my magazine stash and find some old articles that hold some significance here and now. From hip-hop to sports to politics, see how much little can change and what really stays the same.

Just in case you've been hanging in a sand dune for the past week (don't blame you), Brett Favre is facing his former team, the Green Bay Packers, on Monday Night Football. From the January 6th, 2003 issue of ESPN The Magazine, Brett Favre gives a first person account of what it's like to be a quarterback in the NFL. Interesting read since Favre contradicts himself a few times especially when he says that he can't get away with what wide receivers do -- being outspoken and flamboyant -- since he's a QB.


We all know during these past five years, Favre has got away with everything. He could probably kill someone and people would still go to bat for the guy. "He still has the heart and the arm". Oh boo.


(click to enlarge)

AJ Jewell, Fiance of RHOA castmate Kandi Burruss, Killed In Brawl

According to WSB in Atlanta and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Kandi Burruss lost her fiance, AJ Jewell, in a brawl outside of the Body Tap strip club in Atlanta, apparently from head injuries.

Kandi, in an recent interview with Essence Magazine, stated that she and AJ were no longer together but they remained cordial throughout their separation. She also mentioned that AJ purchased a strip club before his death. No word yet if it was Body Tap.

There was a lot of drama surrounding the Kandi-AJ relationship on and off RHOA. When Kandi was announced as the new castmate, the internets, mostly Atlanta-based blogs, posted info claiming that AJ was the father of six kids (eventually confirmed on the show) and that he dabbled in some illegal activities (word was that he was a major player in the ATL drug game). Kandi vehemently denied that AJ's second home was the trap. As for the kids, AJ's children became an area of conflict on RHOA between Kandi and her mother, who did not approve of their relationship.

Regardless of how AJ was portrayed on RHOA or the internets, six children no longer have a father. My heart goes out to Kandi and AJ's families.

Friday, October 2, 2009

And The Church Says … I’m Gay!

In July, I wrote about church-play-circuit actor Terrell Carter, outed by an ex-boyfriend via. Twitter. In that blog, I spoke on the difficulty for Carter to come out and how his environment - around church folk - made his “secret” even harder to control hence it coming out not under his terms. While Carter hasn’t confirmed his sexuality (the gay community pretty much did YEARS ago), another figure in the Black church and gospel industry has come out of the closet.

Gospel singer and SUPER-eccentric character Tonex recently admitted that he was Gay. For those outside of the gospel realm that has heard of Tonex, they kind of had a clue that he was batting from the left side of the plate but within church circles, this set off a firestorm. It prompted him to do an interview with blogger and activist Darian Aaron, fighting back at those in the church who have called him a hypocrite.

Is he really? One of the unwritten facts of the Black church is that the choir director is probably gay. Homosexuality is considered a sin but since the choir director put together a slamming rendition of “Jesus Can Work It Out”, it’s aight. Only God can judge him, right?

Even as someone who recently had a very intense religious awakening, I still can’t deny the fact that I love my Gay family. I don’t look at them as “sinners” or “degenerates”. I look at them as people and I think God does too.

If God can look at me and all of my mess-ups and say that I still have a shot, I think He ain’t shaking in his boots that his some of his creations are Gay. Oh and please don’t quote Leviticus. EVERY Bible verse is up to interpretation. How do you think the many denominations of Christianity were formed? Because the varying interpretations of the Bible spoke to someone in such a way that they felt it was their duty to serve the Lord in whatever way those words compelled them.

That’s why, at the end of the day, the only person that cares about what you think of him, is Him. Tonex doesn’t owe the church any explanation. That’s only a conversation that he has with God.

WATCH: Gospel Star Tonex Confirms Rumors and Same Sex Attraction [Rod 2.0]
WATCH: Gospel Singer Tonex on Black Church's Hypocrisy on Gays [Rod 2.0]
Is Black America Ready For A Gay Rapper?!? [AverageBro]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oprah and First Lady in Copenhagen

"Black Women Power Grid" OVERLOAD!

(via HuffPo)

Maybe Not: Nike Denies Vick Endorsement

The world was in a tizzy -- me included -- when word got out that Philadelphia Eagles' QB Michael Vick signed a new endorsement deal with Nike. In response to the Philadelphia Business Journal report, Nike denies that Vick is a new spokesman for the brand.

Via sports business guru Darren Rovell:

A day after an official with the agency that represents Michael Vick told a crowded conference in New York City that Vick had recently re-signed with Nike, a Nike spokesman told CNBC that the company has no agreement with the backup Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

“Nike does not have a contractual relationship with Michael Vick," Nike spokesman Kejuan Wilkins said, in a statement. "We have agreed to supply product to Michael Vick as we do a number of athletes who are not under contract with Nike.”

On Wednesday, Mike Principe, the managing director of BEST, which represents Vick, announced that Nike was back with Nike. The comments were made at the Relay Sports Symposium in New York - an event hosted by the SportsBusiness Journal. [Source]

When Best said that Vick was "back with Nike", he really didn't mean "back endorsing for Nike". It was put out that way and the streets, including myself, ran with it. No one thought to check with Nike before they published that report. Juicy for exclusives and web hits, aren't we?


Nike: We Don't Have Contract With Vick [Sports Biz with Darren Rovell]

Video: Freeway "Old to the New/Attitude"

(Props to OnSmash)