Monday, August 31, 2009

Chris Brown Says He Doesn't "Remember" Rihanna Assault

I've heard of people who claim to "black out" during physical altercations due to being so enraged and whatnot but I smell bullshit on this one, Chris. You surely remembered that you f*cked Rihanna up when you called her a few days later in hopes of apologizing. Boy, please.

Peep Chris Brown's entire interview with Larry King on CNN, Wednesday, September 2nd.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Video: Young Chris feat. Freeway and Beanie Sigel "The Last Two"

My love for Young Chris and the rest of the State Prop chain gang is well known around these parts.

Props to YoungCTV

Video: Bloodsport, Tone Trump & Young Reek "Top Gunnaz"

Some more Philly rap. This Young Reek dude (third verse) came pretty hard on this. *puts on radar*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Vick's First Game

My boyfriend-in-the-brain, AJ, went to the Eagles-Jaguars preseason game last night and wrote about some of his observations. If you like what you read, visit his den, Under My Fitted.

Thursday morning, a friend told me he had an extra ticket for that night’s Philadelphia Eagles (also known as the House of Wayward Football Souls) game. My knee jerk, devout-Cowboys-fan reaction was to politely tell him to rectally ingest the ticket but then I considered the opportunity to personally experience firsthand the ongoing Mike Vick saga (It seems that every time the man sneezes, it’s the lead story on Sportscenter ... sorry Brett, you’ll have to wait 3 minutes). However, I had been following his career before his legal troubles so I was interested to see him play his first football in 2 years. Why not?

We got to the Linc and the first thing I noticed is…nothing. Where were the angry animal rights mobs promised in vitriolic calls to 610 WIP (local sports-talk radio station) all week? The NAACP, who threatened to protest, were no where to be found (rumor had it that they rallied in Downtown Philly). The hordes of season ticket returners, those indignant folk who renounced their Eagles fanhood before the ink was dry on Michael’s contract? Nowhere to be found. Instead, scattered around the parking lot, were Iggle fans wearing…#7 jerseys! More than a few, actually. I’d say I saw more Vick apparel out there than McNabb…worn by people of all colors, which kinda effs over that whole “racial divide” angle that’s the new hot thing in the streets. Clearly, the fans had at least accepted this redemption project.

When Vick took the field on the second play of the game, he was treated to a conquering hero’s ovation…surprise surprise. They reacted to his subsequent handoff to LeSean McCoy for a 2 yard gain in a similar manner. A few plays later, when he was used as a decoy in a Wildcat formation (yes, we believe you’re gonna throw a naked screen to a quarterback), he received another rousing round of applause. After his 15 yard laser pass on an out to DeSean Jackson, he got more. It's fair to say every time Mike touched the field he got a great reception. I found it funny that during one round in particular, the video screen at the game treated the fans to Donovan McNabb and his signature “are you flipping kidding me” pose (you’ve seen it…he puts his hands on his hips and frowns like a kid that didn’t get picked by either captain in a kickball game). In fact, after McNabb committed the Eagles second turnover by throwing a pick (and earned a lusty chorus of boos for his trouble), we even got a pretty damn loud “We Want Vick” chant throughout the stadium.

The midnight green (is that a color?) [Ciara's note: yes it is, you asscrack] clad faithful seemed overjoyed to have Mike in the nest. After the game, (I left midway through the 4th, sorry…)as we walked back through the parking lot, there were the requisite drunks in Eagles gear showing their amazing accuracy at spelling their team’s name (over…and over…and over. Clearly they’re proud of their 4th grade education). But some had learned a new word to chant mindlessly: “V-I-C-K, VICK VICK VICK!” That pretty much described the theme of the night; the Philly fanbase has readiliy embraced the newest Eagle, at least during the this honeymoon phase.

Go Trojans!: 27 Songs That Remind Me of High School

It’s hard to fathom that about four years ago, I was graduating from high school. Time flies when you’re trying to do grown things. While some aspects of high school are a complete blur to me, the music of my youth is not. When I instantly hear certain songs, it takes me back to the places (room B-4), the faces (the football team, especially a certain #4) and events (race fight of 2004) that defined my four years.

So I compiled a list of 27 songs that remind me of high school. While some of these songs aren’t quality records and a few of the artist mentioned are no longer around, these songs were a part of radio rotation therefore ingrained in my head.

Here are 28 songs that make up my entire high school experience (2001-2005).

Let’s Get Crunk

Crunk music definitely dominated radio during my last two years of high school. Every girl knew Princess of Crime Mob’s verse in “Knuck if You Buck”. Trillville had the nastiest record of the time, “Some Cut”, and the trouble starter, “Never Ever”,Lil’ Jon pulled a dope R&B record out his head with “Lovers and Friends” and YoungBloodz’s “Damn” got us in trouble at homecoming.

Trillville “Some Cut” and “Never Ever
Crime Mob “Knuck If You Buck” (above)
Lil Jon feat. Usher and Ludacris “Lovers and Friends
Youngbloodz “Damn

Ladies First

In high school, we girls had some anthems. Beyonce had every 16-year-old girl claiming her independence with “Me, Myself and I”, Aaliyah had a posthumous hit with “Come Over” and my namesake, Ciara, gave me two new nicknames with “Goodies” and “1,2 Step”.

Beyonce’ “Me, Myself and I
Amerie “One Thing” (above)
Ciara “Goodies” and “1,2 Step
Nivea “Don’t Mess With My Man
Aaliyah “Come Over
Keyshia Cole “I’ve Changed My Mind
Floetry “Say Yes

What About The Fellas?

Male R&B singers had some cuts including Bobby Valentino’s monster hit, “Slow Down”, Mr. Teflon himself, R. Kelly, with “Step In The Name of Love” and Usher's "Burn"

Usher "Burn"
Bobby Valentino “Slow Down” (above)
R. Kelly “Step In The Name of Love

“In The A…”

One person: T.I.

T.I. “U Don’t Know Me”(above) and “Bring Em’ Out

“…So You Better Hide Your Teenage Daughter…”

…”cuz this is The Carter”. Lil Wayne had my senior class' the most popular Hip-Hop album.

Lil’ Wayne “Go DJ” (above)

The Rest of Hip Hop

Mad songs dominated the airways. Take your pick, really.

Cam’ron “Oh Boy
Clipse “Grindin
Field Mob “Sick of Being Lonely
Young Gunz “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
Twista “Slow Jam” (above)
Juvenile “Slow Motion
Cassidy “I’m A Hustla
Lil Boosie and Webbie feat. Bun B “Gimme That…

The Pretty Ones


Don't be alarmed -- there is a reason why you are looking at these dudes. The image you see is of a former group called 4Deep, a teenage rap group out of the Bay Area. Can you guess their nationalities*?

Why does that matter? Read on.

In high school, my friends and I used to fawn over biracial or multiracial boys. It didn’t matter what combination either: Black and Latino, Black and Asian, Black and White, Black-White-Latino-Asian and Native American – if you were a “mutt”, we wanted you.

Crazy, right? Oh absolutely. Especially when you were also a group that would privately complain about Black dudes only dating multiracial or White girls. It’s definitely a big whopping pile of double-standard.

To this day, I try to understand why I was caught up in the phase of only drooling over, as they were called, “The Pretty Ones”. It wasn’t that I didn’t find Black boys attractive – all my major crushes, besides one person, in high school were dark-skinned and Black – or that I had something against myself as a person, it was all really up to what we were told was the “ultimate catch”: a walking, talking United Nations logo.

It’s almost as if we looked at these guys as prize horses to parade around the racetrack. Seriously, dudes only to hang out with at football games just to have other girls secretly want to kick your ass JUST BECAUSE you pulled “that”. The seeds of black girl on black girl hate were planted in high school, I’m telling you.

If you peel back the superficiality of this attraction, you find an interesting question: How much does society play into our physical attractiveness? Does society really have that much control over who we do or do not find attractive? Let’s be real for a minute: As a Black girl, my self-esteem was riddled with bullet holes because I didn’t think I was as attractive as the video models all the boys in school wanked off to. As an adult, I’ve learned to accept my pudgy ass but it’s only fair to think that Black boys go through the same image issues. I’ve heard stories of dark-skinned teenage boys say that they felt unattractive because “the pretty ones” got all the pretty girls.

I feel disgusted that I possibly made someone feel that way.

*For as long as I used to STAN for 4Deep, I never knew their nationalities. Even after countless hours (okay, thirty minutes) trying to find the answers, I can only identify two of the members.

Milly, far left, is Black and Mexican. AE., second from right, is Black (yeah, didn't see that either). As for the other two, I've heard (keyword here) that Ice, second from left, is Black and White while Speedy, far right, is Hispanic, straight no chaser. Go figure.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why the NAACP Fails as an Organization


The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.”

Where does Michael Vick fit in this?

Back in 2007, the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP declared publically their support for Vick during the first brutal days after he was accused of running a dog fighting operation amongst other things. With football allegories, similes, metaphors and colloquialisms in hand, the chapter declared that Vick was being punished severely in the court of public opinion and that he was not treated fairly by law.

Needless to say, they were ripped to shreds by Blacks, Whites and Purples alike.

Now, the local Philadelphia chapter is deciding to host a rally in front of the Eagles stadium allegedly in support of Michael Vick.

A massive demonstration is planned to support Michael Vick at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday, when Vick is expected to make his debut with the Eagles.

The Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and other local civil rights groups had planned a demonstration to support Vick.

However, the Eagles called the NAACP after hearing of the plans for the demonstration at the stadium, and asked them to cancel the rally to stop a potentially "ugly scene," J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP told ESPN.

Mondesire told The Associated Press later Wednesday evening that his group and the Black Clergy of Philadelphia had decided to proceed with their march on Thursday.

"We believe Michael Vick has served his time, paid his debt to society and deserves a second chance and the animal rights groups want to hold him hostage for the rest of his life," J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, said Wednesday. "We think that's patently unfair. It denies Michael Vick's basic civil rights, denies him his ability to make a living." [Source]

As you can see by one of my tweets, I was EXTREMELY upset by this news. With all of the things that the local chapter could raise awareness about – the recent reports of SAT scores plummeting for Black students or the 4,000 bodies that drop in this city ever year – they choose this?!

This rally is wrong in SO MANY levels…

First, there is no clear reason as to why the local chapter is hosting this rally only that they want to thwart the protests of the opposition such as PETA, ASPCA and other humane organizations. That’s a giant piece of fail for this reason:

The worst thing that anyone can do in this local debate about Vick’s tenure as a Philadelphia Eagle is to polarize the racial dichotomy that engulfs this city about his employment. In local news coverage, there appears to be a racial divide amongst his supporters, more often Black, and his detractors, more often White. While local media has not discussed the impact on race in varying opinions of Philadelphians, now the floodgates have been opened.

There is already the perception that Blacks condone Vick’s behavior and that dogfighting – amoungst other forms of illegal gambling – is prevalent in the North and West sections of the city – which happen to be majority Black. There is also this notion that Blacks do not care about animals which is also a false generalization. For the NAACP to rally in behalf of a person who killed dogs, it allows for others to lasso in all Blacks as supporters of dogfighting and the inhumane treatment of animals. Why? Because many people are stupid enough to assert that the NAACP speaks for ALL Black folk (trust me, they don't).

Secondly, the NAACP is almost saying that (some) White people are responsible for not letting Vick live his life. In all honesty, Vick playing football again equals life lived.

Third, Michael Vick is not being punished because he’s Black. He’s being punished because he participated in a very heinous crime, which he has admitted to.

Lastly, the NAACP is continuing their destructive trend of being a reactionary organization – reacting to the wrong issues. If the association wants to really make a mark in this discussion, it would be to partner up with the Humane Society and ASPCA and say, “Hey, we understand that dogfighting is a problem in our urban communities. Let’s partner together to teach others about this issue and increase awareness of a problem that is plaguing our society. A major figure in the Black community is behind you in that endeavor”. This would help because the ASPCA isn’t stopping in the hood any time soon and that’s where they allege these activities are taking place.

There is no justifiable reason why the NAACP should be involved in this manner. Vick is not a victim of injustice or hatred – he is a victim of his own poor judgment and stupidity and he’s paying for that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Keep It On The Down Low…

…whispering…nobody has to know…

Or not.

A 43-year-old former Bucks County, Pennsylvania math teacher [pictured] was arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. Crazy thing is … mad teachers on the staff knew about it!

Robert C. Hawkins, of the 1800 block of Society Place in Newtown, Bucks County, turned himself in this morning to police and was arraigned, authorities said. He was released after posting bail, 10 percent of $500,000. His bail conditions say that he is not to have contact with the girl or any other minors and must stay away from all Council Rock schools.

Three other teachers are believed to have known about the relationship and did not report it to school officials or police, the Council Rock School District said in a news release. The police affadivit also refers to e-mails between Hawkins and "associates."

One of the teachers has resigned and two have been suspended with intent to dismiss, the news release said. Neither district superintendent Mark Klein nor the Bucks County District Attorney's office has named the three teachers. District Attorney Michelle Henry said police "are investigating whether other teachers were aware of the relationship and to what extent," but would not comment further. [Source]
Every time I hear of student/teacher relationships, I always wonder how they stay under wraps for so long. Face it, high school is like a giant Perez Hilton-gossip machine: at the end of the day, mad people know something about it, even if that something is only 10% true.

This is the supposed truth: Allegedly, the student and teacher exchanged thousands of text messages and met up to have numerous sexual encounters. The teacher even went as far to check Pennsylvania consent laws to see if it their “relationship” would be okay under law. They wanted to make this one work, huh? The teacher also sent multiple picture messages containing sexual material to not only his jailbait but to other students as well.


Council Rock teacher arrested; allegedly had sex with student [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Pic via

"North of Death"

While in the Nicetown section of Philly, shooting the music video for song "The Last Two" off of Young Chris' The Network, Beanie Sigel and Chris record a video of a dude laid out on the ground from a gunshot wound to the upper torso.

Put that on WorldStar

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Video: Young Chris feat. Freeway and Tom Hardy "Rap Money"

My favorite song off of Chris' The Network tape in video form. Immaculate beat by 9th Wonder.

My favorite Philly Bravado-master, Meek Millz, makes an appearance in the video as well. Good for him.

Grey Goose Will Get You Loose … and in Trouble?

To celebrate his first NFL practice since 2006, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, my little human-beacon-of-hope, Michael Vick decided to sit at his hotel’s bar to commemorate his return to the league. Per such occasion, Vick, with friends, decided to give a toast to the good life.

PHILADELPHIA -- Hours after his return to the football field, Michael Vick sat in a corner booth last night in the Riverbend Bar & Grill, sipping on a Grey Goose and pineapple juice and talking with two friends.

The controversial quarterback looked at peace despite the firestorm swirling around him. A debate is raging in this city whether Vick deserves a second chance and whether the Eagles erred in giving him one, but he sat unnoticed in the hotel bar. [Source]

The first question is “what’s the big deal?” After reports surfaced of Vick’s one-night-stand with a barstool, many speculated that his one mere drink somehow violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy, reinstatement guidelines and his probation. According to the Eagles, Vick did not violate his probation nor NFL reinstatement by having a drink at the bar that night.

The second question is “how did this become a big deal?” The initial mention of Vick’s bar visit was the lead of an article focused on his first day at Eagles practice. That article, from the New York Post, was dated August 16th. About six days later, major sports news outlets, such as ProFootballTalk and ESPN, reported on Vick’s possible rules violation. The Eagles were forced to address the situation and voila … you have a scandal.

There are two issues here.

First, the gumption by some in sports media to elevate this story past “no one gives a f*ck” mode is extremely evident. ProFootballTalk, who initially brought the possible violation to our attention, took a passing mention of Vick having a drink at the bar and turned it into the first piece of evidence that Vick isn’t getting his life right. They tried this tactic before with a YouTube video featuring Vick with Young Jeezy but it went ignored.

However, the bigger issue appears to be that people are clamoring to read — and ultimately see — Vick fall apart. His crime, heinous and disgusting by his own admission, and subsequent attempts to show remorse are not enough for some to accept, which is fine. The problem arises when people are purposely blowing up miniscule acts of behavior to somehow demonstrate that Vick cannot and will not do well. He’s only been in this for two weeks; he needs a little bit more time to show people that he’s changed.

Truth be told, we aren’t the people he needs to prove that to.

"Back and Forth..."

I remember the first time I saw Aaliyah.

I was seven years old, watching BET, when I became transfixed on this girl in the "Back and Forth" video, that looked just like me. I was going through my super-serious tomboy phase and there was Aaliyah, dressed as she was, giving me the idea that I was doing the cool thing by not dressing like a girl.

Ironically, she was later the one that influenced me to give "dressing like a girl" a try.


My favorite Aaliyah song ... "If You're Girl Only Knew"

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Shoe After My Own Heart...

As I mentioned in a previous post, many friends consider me to be "gender-confused", meaning that I can't choose between being a full-fledged girly-girl and a self-professed tomboy. Like I said, I refuse to choose because both sides inherit my space but I will be the first to say that I find some comfort in channeling my boy side.

But Lord does that change when it comes to shoes. Yes, I love my Nikes -- the stash of boxes under my bed grows daily -- but if you throw a pair of patent-leather 4-inch stilettos in my face, I proceed to lose my mind.

That's why when I saw these Christian Louboutins, I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.

They are perfect. Four inch heel? Check! Patent-leather? Check! Sexy as hell? Oh absolutely.

Affordable? Hell no.

A girl can dream, right?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Video: Beanie Sigel "In The Ghetto"

Things like this restore my faith in Philly rap...

but, at the same time, hurts my heart. The real s*** eclipses the fake

Thursday, August 20, 2009

“You Don’t Look That Big”

You’re shopping for jeans. You pull out a pair in the size that you think you are – better yet, hope you are – to try on. Simple thing, right? Wrong. You’re struggling more than a college kid filling out a FAFSA, tugging and pulling the jeans up past your hips, sucking in air, hoping that losing a millimeter of flesh will make the jeans fit. After struggling for five minutes (got to have some hope, right?), you signal for the sales associate to come over and grab you a bigger size.

“If you have these in a size bigger, can you grab me a pair?”

“Sure … what size do you need?”

“17 or 19, depending on which one you have”

The sales associates’ face grows inquisitive. “Really? You don’t look that big.”
At that point, you don’t whether to be flattered or pissed. You get the size you need, the fit as they should, and then you leave.

But as you sit in the car, you start thinking “What the hell is a size 17 supposed to look like?! …a blimp?!”

You start to recollect on your previous shopping adventures and realize that people have said that same comment to you before. Even your relatives relish the opportunity to say “You ain’t that big, girl!” like that’s supposed to boost your confidence or something. It doesn’t.

I tell you that this is the story of my life. I’m 5’6 and189 pounds. I wear a size 17 jean. People are surprised to know that … SHOCKED. It’s because most people can’t visually conceptualize those who weight between 160-200 pounds. They know – or think – what “big folks” and smaller people look like which gives them this weird and off-kilter physiological scale. Apparently, my in-between self messes up the scale.

But what can do, right? As long as no one says, “you wanna try a size even bigger”, I’m good.

I think …

Video: Jay-Z feat. Rihanna and Kanye West "Run This Town"

We are, yeah I said it, We are ...

this is EAGLES nation, pledge of allegiance

Monday, August 17, 2009

VLOG: What The Vick Discussion is Really About

Michael Vick is a Philadelphia Eagle and it's tearing my city apart. But the real issue is not whether you think Vick should be able to play football again but rather how you feel about the re-entry of felons into society after they've served their time.

What The Vick Discussion is REALLY About... from Ciara on Vimeo.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Secret Service Detain Man with Sign Threatening The First Family

No words.

A man who held a sign reading 'Death To Obama, Death To Michelle And Her Two Stupid Kids' at a town hall in Maryland yesterday has been detained by the Secret Service, according to the AP.

The Hill first reported on the sign yesterday afternoon. The man in question was attending a town hall event held by Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD) at Hagerstown Community College.

Washington County Sheriff's Captain Peter Lazich said the as-yet-unidentified, 51-year-old man was detained by deputies near the entrance to the college after receiving multiple calls from people in attendance at the event. According to Lazich, the man was turned over to the Secret Service by the sheriff's office. [Source]

Actually, I have two words ...

Fucking disgusting.

'Death To Obama' Sign-Holder At Town Hall Detained By Secret Service [Talking Points Memo]

Michael Vick.


Don't ask me yet because honestly, I don't know. After hearing the news on Twitter, the only words that could even fix to come out of my mouth were "Fuck. Outta. Here". As a Philadelphia Eagles fanatic, any addition that could help us win is a good addition. As a human being, with major ass flaws, I welcome Vick to my team because he deserves a second chance. His livelihood was taking away from him for almost two years ... I think he's learned his lesson.

But as a natural pessimist, I don't know how this is going to work. Thank God that's not my work to do (what's good, Andy Reid!). The Eagles will become a test of PR will especially in a city where one of its sports stars, Chase Utley, is a spokesperson for the local SPCA. Andy Reid isn't a fan of unwanted attention -- see Terrell Owens -- and he's about to get it. ESPN, here they come.

And here comes the media's assault on McNabb's character. For the record, McNabb will be the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Let's kill the "McNabb will be jealous" bullshit right now. In my heart of hearts, I think McNabb lobbied for Vick to be here because he knows he ain't a threat. It's McNabb's team; he pisses (...or pukes) on the 50 yard line every year to mark his territory. That won't change.

What will change is the atmosphere of the Eagles. Are they ready for the attention, criticism, scrutiny and attacks? Absolutely. They are the Philadelphia Eagles, right? Is Vick ready? Time will tell but as an Eagles fan, I want to welcome Michael Vick to the organization. I'll be rooting for you from the best spot in the world -- my heart.

Welcome, my dude.

(Screengrab from Deadspin)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Video: Young Chris "Grown Things"

Philly rap I can stand...

True Colors

Obama is bringing the racist out of people. The guy in possession of the “magic racial harmony” potion is bringing the David Dukes out of the forest. It wasn’t supposed to go down that way, right? Obama’s election was supposed to usher in a “post-racial” America. Black and White folk were ready do Hands Across America at his inauguration. King could finally rest in peace. X would be vindicated.

Can I roll my eyes yet?

As long as there are societal divisions, there will forever be the three dreaded “-isms” – racism, sexism and classism. That will never change regardless of who is running the country. The idea of that going away is frankly stupid.

But what this presidency is showing us is that we still have some really deep-seated hatred for each other in this world; a deep-seated hatred that was hidden because we were never in a position to confront it.

And that’s the problem. As a country, we tend to run away from the topics of racism and sexism like one isn’t as bad and the other doesn’t exist. While we are years removed from the more blatant acts of discrimination, what we are seeing at this town halls, websites and television channels is the same dirty water but from a brand-new middle-dollar faucet.

This so-called “fear of Black power” and “destruction of the White culture” isn’t new. The slave owners were petrified of slave uprisings. The fathers of the South feared the “raping and pillaging” of their daughters. COINTELPRO of the Sixties, anybody? There’s always been this underlining fear of the Black man “taking over”, so with the election of a Black man, the fear has a new venue: the President of the United States.

Can you feel the hate?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It’s a Penis. So What?

Alleged photos of Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard’s penis surfaced on the net today, prompting his lawyers to release a statement of denial.

Via Deadspin:
The photos of a man who looks like Dwight Howard pulling down his shorts to reveal his member in a web cam pic found on Mediatakeout are not him, TMZ reveals. Big day for everybody.

And even if Dwight Howard's Superman cock wasn't the one being flopped out of a pair of long red workout shorts, it's probably for the best. [Source]
Okay, it’s a penis. Whoop-tee-doo. Most people will say “I wonder what [enter celebrity’s name here] penis or breasts look like”. Whatever. You’re not going to see the penises or tits of some random joe or jill on the street and you won’t trip about that, now do you?

It’s a penis. Damn. Once you’ve seen one (..or two or three), you’ve seen them all.

Dwight Howard's Lawyers Tell The World That's Not His Penis [Deadspin]

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Philly Bravado Part 4: It's Hit The Fan

Man, why is EVERYTHING I said coming to fruition. Meek even said that people are telling him to let this go...Hell, even some of my talking points were repeated verbatim by Meek.

So apparently, Meek kept talking after the last video I posted. Same shit, different day. I'm hot that Oschino is in this joint.

Then Jihad responds ... in two videos

All this says to me is that dudes know that this is crazy and that its a waste of time. So why do it?

Health Care Worth Carrying a Gun For?

While protesting outside of today’s health care town hall hosted by President Obama, a man named William Kostric decided to exercise his Second Amendment by carrying a firearm.

This caused frenzy for several reasons.

First, people are extremely tense around firearms in unnecessary settings. I didn’t know there were deer parading around the building. Secondly, anytime a White guy is near a pistol while the first BLACK president is giving a speech and he ain’t Secret Service, people get concerned. You know, that fear kept many Black folk from jumping on the Obama train during the first days of his campaign. Lastly, this was a town hall event about health care not gun control. The reason for carrying a gun was what? Medicare bullets flying in the air?

I don’t know why people are extremely frightened that their Second Amendment rights will be taken away. Think about when the amendment was established. It was during a time when civilians had to be prepared to fight. When it was time, Daddy John and oldest son Samuel had to go fight for FREEDOM! Obviously, that isn’t pertinent anymore but it still holds some weight for some people.

You have the right and that right isn’t going anywhere. The problem is when people clearly abuse that power. Why the hell would you need to be carrying a gun at an event like this? Ain’t nobody touching anybody (if you listen to some conservatives, us liberals are ready to knuck if we buck over things like healthcare. Especially SEIU and ACORN). When people do shit like this, it ignites the debate on whether the Second Amendment should be dealt with. But tensions get so high, that it will never happen.

Video: Nikki 16 "Come & Get Me"

Although I profess to be a hip-hop stan and R&B purist, I secretly fiend for pop, Top-40 girl groups. I think it started back when, like every damn girl in America, was a Spice Girl fan and really hit a peak with the original version of Destiny's Child (their second album, Writing's on the Wall, was my 7th grade soundtrack, I swear).

Since then, I've grabbed onto groups for whatever reason, aesthetic or otherwise, just to see them fail. I was secretly bumping that Girlicious "Like Me" joint for a minute. While I'm really hoping that RichGirl, who some people coin as the new Destiny's Child, makes it (they are extremely talented), I'm not that optimistic. *sigh*

So in the meantime, here's Nikki 16. You wanna know how much I stan for girl groups? I recognized the lead singer, Roshe', from another group called Missez*.

Props to OnSmash

*I don't know how "Love Song" didn't blow up. Damn shame. RIP Pimp C.

“You’re ‘Gender Confused’”

I wore four-inch stilettos* to the club. I know, bad call. While my balance game is extremely on point –I practiced walking in these particular shoes for weeks – and I knew that we wouldn’t be walking long distances to get there, I thought I would make it that night. False. By the time the club was closing and it almost started to rain, my feet were ready to beat my ass.

But before it got too bad, I caught the attention of this really attractive dude who, with his boys, kept going from floor to floor following my crew (weird). He was built like a linebacker with milk chocolate skin and the cleanest waves I’ve seen in a minute. Certified dime-piece. When we both worked up the nerve to talk to each other, we ended up exchanging numbers and he watched me walk away Waiting to Exhale style. I knew it too … I didn’t walk with that extra switch for nothing.

Fast forward two weeks later when we decided to go to a neighborhood barbeque together (we found out that we functioned within some of the same social circles). Due to the event and my propensity to eat my ass off at things like this, I decided to dress casually. Casual for me: Grey hoodie, camouflage cargo shorts and some Air Max 95s. I would’ve worn a New Era fitted but it was a little too hot for that.

As I’m walking to his car, he gives me the biggest “Who the f*** is this?” look I’ve ever seen since maybe my senior year of high school. That day, the school was buzzing because I wore a skirt. With dude, it was the same effect times ten. The girl who wore four inch stiletto shoes to the club is walking outside looking like a dude. We practically were wearing the same outfit.

Needless to say, he and I grew apart. When I told this story to a male friend of mine, the only thing he could say was that was “gender-confused”.

What the hell is that? He claims that I can’t figure out whether I want to be a boy or girl, like I have a choice. I bleed every month. I have breasts. My reproduction organs are internal. I am a girl. I’m proud of that. I love that. I’m proud of the gift I was given to conceive a child. I didn’t know I had to dress like Barbie to show it.

Because of my two X chromosomes, I’m supposed to act, dress, sit, drink, yell, fuck, work, listen, teach, talk, type and breathe a certain way? What part of the game is that?

I’m just not what society deems to be “a girl”. Yeah, I went through my Barbie, make-up, Girl Scout, boy band-obsessed, ballet phase just like other girls. The beauty of being me is that I grew to accept the person that I am. You can find me in heels one day and Nike Dunks the other. I get my nails done in bright colors. I can have a three-hour long conversation about sports. I will wear pink. I sometimes giggle like a schoolgirl when I see someone I am attracted to but I can also be the most perverted flirt on the planet. I defend women on the daily but I channel my inner-misogynist when need be. I am complex person stuck in a girl’s body. I’ve accepted that.

So no, I’m not confused. I’m confident. Confident about the person that I am. Complex in person but simple in theory. So whenever you question my gender, I’ll just point to my vagina. Complex question, simple answer.

*I marvel at how I did that because they looked like the ones pictured above. Bless my heart.

VLOG: The "Philly Bravado" Part II

It's the remix, let's go!

I decided to record a part two because I failed to really clarify what Philly Bravado is, especially within the context of what I've been talking about (Joey Jihad v. Meek Mill). I think I did a better job at that in this video and I also answer some of the questions I received through Twitter (thanks to all who took the time out to do that for me).

Also, for those who asked, here is my formal definition of "Rapper Bravado":

An disposition or attitude that elevates one's personal wealth and physical prowless (ie. altercations) over lyrical talent and long-term musical success. It is usually spurred on by the use of street DVDs and web videos. The surrounding environment encourages this behavior by continually rewarding those who participate in it with local fame and fortune. The end gain is only the materials used to create and support this attitude and not an actual musical recording career.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Older, The Happier, The Better...

A new study suggests that as people age, they have a better disposition about life.
Despite worries about ill health, income, changes in social status and bereavements, later life tends to be a golden age, according to psychologists.

They found older adults generally make the best of the time they have left and have learned to avoid situations that make them feel sad or stressed.

The young should do the same, they told the American Psychological Association. [Source]
I call this the "Sophia Petrillo Syndrome", named after the infamous character from The Golden Girls, played by the late Estelle Getty.

It's pretty simple: As you older, you start to not give a damn. You don't care what you say, what you do, who you do, how you do ... you have no one else to please but your gottdamn self and your maker. If you watch The Golden Girls, Sophia will say whatever the hell she wants to. While, on the show, they attribute that to her stroke, it really had to do with the fact that she didn't know whether she was going to wake up the next morning. You only have one chance, right?

If only we young kiddies took that approach to life. But I guess you're forced to when your fellow classmates get clapped up everyday.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Philly Bravado Part 3.5.1

This is old but somebody, knowing how these dudes do, found it pertinent to put this video up of some of Mill's nuthuggers talking reckless about being reckless.

So tired...

Philly Bravado Part 3.5 - Meek Still Going...

Reason no. 33596 why Philly rappers will never do shit.

Really, Mill?

VLOG: The "Philly Bravado"

I had this LONG ass post in my mind about Philly rappers after what we've seen in the past couple of days. Instead of writing 10,000 words about it (it's that deep to me), I decided to vlog about it.

The "Philly Rapper" Bravado Part 1 from Ciara on Vimeo.

Just a extension of what I've been complaining about on Non Sequitur. There's a mentality that up and coming dudes in the game have that make them carry their balls on the sleeve. It's that "Philly Bravado" ... that "I can be big in the hood, f*** everything else ... even if I end up at 30 without anything to show for it."

This is long but I think it proves my point.

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Philly Bravado Part III - Meek Mill Responds

In less than 24 hours, Meek Mill responds to Joey Jihad and Quilly Millz' rant about him "being a bum in his own home"

Mill is on house arrest so he doesn't have anything better to do then to respond to Jihad. Once you get past all the "gay" and "fa&&ot" and "snitch" drops, he mentions Joey's snuff-out and alludes to it happening more than once. Why am I not surprised? You know how many people outside of Philly are surprised when they hear that dude is even alive?

However, in typical West/North/South Philly f**kboy fashion, he starts making threats towards Jihad, talking about people calling him wanting to knock Jihad the hell out again and that he would do it. Riiiiight.

I expect a video from Jihad by this afternoon.

Oh, and, just like everybody else outside of the Delaware Valley, your probably like "Who the hell is Meek Mill?!" Just Google "Meek Mill vs. Reed Dollaz". That's all you need to know. Oh, he also had this joint called "In My Bag" which, in all honesty, is pretty dope for what it is. The video is Philly Bravado personified.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Philly Bravado Part II

For most people, Joey Jihad is the dude that got snuffed out in his own hood. How he gonna take shots at people?

I don't even know who this Quilly Millz dude is. He's just another Philly rapper with that unoriginal "Millz" name.

Video: Tone Trump "Hustle Hard"

Philly bravado at its finest...

I can honestly say that in my four-plus years of living in this city, I've ran into a sizable percentage of Black dudes who either rap, want to rap, know a rapper or hide the fact that they rap. For the most part, this video is a representation of all of them. No wonder Philly rappers get played.

Want a taste of my favorite Philly rap? Check out Young Chris -- of State Property fame -- and Ridalen, a dude with a different style that is still inherently Philly.

For Chris' latest mixtape, The Network, click here.
For Ridalen's latest, Destiny, click here.

Profiting Off of a Man’s Downfall

(Warning: This is LONG and sports-related)

The hardest thing for any sports blog to do these days is to gain respect amongst mainstream media types. In the wake of the Erin Andrews peephole-in-the-hotel-room fiasco, blogs have been scathed as the perpetuators of the sour and sleaze of the new brand of sports media. Crazy thing is, in the aftermath, the mainstream media made that situation worse.

Anyway, best to the subject at hand. For the most parts, many sports blogs have grown to be a part of the sports media spectrum with many websites becoming partners with big dogs such as ESPN and Yahoo! Sports. While those blogs do well (as they should) and others build popularity, the weak ones find themselves falling to the wayside. Only the strong – and the serious – survive in this industry and for the most part, the internet gets it right.

But in some cases, they don’t. While the ratio of bad sports blogs to good ones isn’t as crippling as it used to be, many of the most talked about ones fall under the “Profit off an athlete’s downfall” category.

In that business, the more salacious the story, the better. Photos of athletes drinking? Check. Passing out? Check. With strippers? Check. Doing drugs? Check? Having mad babies out of wedlock? Check. The bad, the better. The more disgusting, the more hits and everyone wants hits. That’s why you do this ... to get attention.

In my opinion, I don’t think that’s the best way.

Two years ago, I had a blog called Athletes and Procreation, a daily diatribe about the baby-making habits of athletes and their lack of care for the children they create. I started the blog not out of some deep-seeded personal anger against irresponsible men and women but because I wanted attention. At that time, I was interning at a magazine and happened to be working alongside an influential person in the industry that I wanted to be a part of. Things went well too. A few months later, I was featured on Deadspin, a very popular sports blog, and getting inquiries about doing work for other blogs.

But then it hit me. Every morning, I would wake up and try to be extremely judgmental towards people that I didn’t know. It was hard to hate on situations and circumstances that, if I didn’t protect myself, I could be in. Hell, my Godson’s father is not in his life and my hate for him was being transferred into what I did. It gave me influence, absolutely, but I felt like I was being reactive. I wasn’t getting anything positive out of what I doing. Frankly, I felt like shit.

So for the most part, I try not to be as judgmental on things even though, as a human being with emotions, that is hard. People aren’t perfect. Hell, I’m not even where I’m supposed to be in life. So when I see others try to profit off of someone’s shortcomings, I cringe.

Take this Josh Hamilton story. For those who are unfamiliar, Josh Hamilton, an outfielder with the Texas Rangers, became the story of Major League Baseball due to his comeback and rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse. The ultimate “feel good story”, he completely dominated last year’s Home Run Derby and became a fan and media favorite. They sure love bad gone good White boys, don’t they (see Chris “Birdman” Anderson)?

Recently, that image has taken a hit. Today, Deadspin featured photos from a late-night excursion involving Hamilton and some chicks at a bar which contradict his current good boy image. While they are extremely incriminating, they only prove one thing: Hamilton likes chicks at bars that have some desire to lick whip cream off of his chest and to simulate sexual positions while clearly intoxicated. Yep, it doesn’t look too good. But the more I look at the photos, I don’t become upset with Hamilton but rather I give the side-eye to Deadspin.

Deadspin is too big and popular to have to steep to some level of profiting off of an athlete’s downfall so I know that they didn’t do this due to some really nasty ulterior motive. However, I find it interesting that, in some past, Deadspin has been critical of other blogs who decide to do these types of things. While “The Spin” probably took a better journalistic approach to dealing with the photos – they even allowed Hamilton’s people to make a statement about them – and respected the privacy of those who sent them in (which pisses me off on some snitch shit**), I still feel like this is a case of using a man’s image against himself.

People fall off the wagon every day, it happens. Hamilton, even as an athlete, isn’t immune from that. The real question is what Deadspin hopes to get out of this. They don’t need the hits. Unfortunately, I think they will take a hit from this.

**Hear me out on this one: You email these photos because you clearly want to out the man but you want to protect your own image? Fuck outta here. If you have the balls – or ovaries – to put this man’s indiscretion on blast, you should have the reproductive gusto to show your face. That’s a bitch-made move to me especially when you aren’t innocent.

Friday, August 7, 2009

This Party Ain't a Party...

Introducing Nefu da Don, the son of female rapper Queen Pen.

Yea...not a fan.

(Sidenote: If I see Namond Brice in ONE more video and not working on some shit, I'm going to call Weebay to get his son. Hell, I think Michael Lee is the only one really doing something. Come on, Julito! Get on it...)

Take That, Pat Buchanan

Widely expected and never in doubt, Judge Sonia Sotomayor was voted in yesterday as the first Latina Supreme Court justice. This minority ovary-carrying American citizen is very happy.

Via CNN:
Sotomayor was easily confirmed in a 68-31 vote. Nine Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic caucus in supporting her nomination.

Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, supported Sotomayor but was not present for the vote because of illness.

Sotomayor, a 55-year-old federal appeals court judge, will be the 111th person to sit on the high court and the third female justice.

She will be sworn in at the Supreme Court by Chief Justice John Roberts on Saturday. [Source]

What this entire process showed -- besides the supreme asshole-ness of one Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina -- is how the discussion, or lack thereof, of race is being played out in our very eyes. I haven't heard so many White men say "Wise Latina" in my life, even if they meant it. The whole notion that White men are under threat because of this appointment was absurd from the beginning and the ways in which some in the world of politics wanted to prove that fact, was pathetic. White men ain't losing power anytime soon, trust me.

With the Sotomayor confirmation, Gates-gate, the Birther movement and now the "Does Obama Have a White Problem"-problem, race finds itself in the middle of some of our biggest -- and stupid -- political conversations and yet, things remain the same. People are too afraid, or too aggy, to talk about race. It's still that big ass elephant in the room, taking a shit everywhere, while everyone just sits there and acts like its the smell of potpourri. As much as we really want this national dialogue of race, the idea of actually having to participate in it is something that many Americans refuse to do.

Think about it. Look at the Gates-Crowley situation. Now, police brutality and racial profiling are commonplace in Black and Latino communities. What Gates inexperienced was neither. But what happens? It turns into a the big ol' monthy "Let's Talk About Race!" cable news discussion but all it turns out to be is the standard "Black people go off-White people defend themselves-Black people act all aggy, say the quintessential "You don't get it" shit-White people get aggy-Black people get even more aggy because they have to be more aggy than White people for it to REALLY be a problem-White people give up-Black people find it racist that they give up-Some White people show their real faces- Black people are somewhat appalled that in 2009, someone would say that-White people are embarrassed-Black people feel embarrassed not enough to do anything-The discussion that started on the Monday is over on a Wednesday". Same shit, different sewage system.

Things don't change as much as we want them do; they just confirm the obvious. We will never have a REAL discussion about race because people are too touchy for it to happen. In real race conversations, you gotta get used to being offended. Black and White folk don't wanna be offended. In real race discussions, you have to accept your side's part in the nonsense. Black and White folk don't wanna do that. In real race debates, you gotta accept that this utopian ideal of racial peace, rainbows and Lisa Frank puppies, probably is never going to happen. Not today, tomorrow or ten days down the line. Racism will forever exist. It's all about how you can chip it away.

You will always have a Pat Buchanan-Glenn Beck types in this world and you will always have a Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to make them look dumb-dumb. Gotta love this country, right?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank You, Essence Magazine



As a long-time connoisseur of Essence magazine, I’ve had some major gripes with the magazine in how they deal with relationships. If it isn’t a story about finding a man, it’s a story about how they are cheating. While I enjoyed their annual February issue’s “Will You Marry Me?” fold-out and their annual “Do Right Men” special every August, they always do something that rubs me the wrong way.

Let’s take their latest issue with Stringer Bell Idris Elba on the cover. One of the issue’s feature pieces is about the constant struggle for Black women to show love and care towards each other (or maybe the desire not to … but that’s another post for another time). I admired Essence’s approach to take a psychological and sociological look at the age-old question “Why can’t Black women get along?”, in an attempt to bring another perspective into the conversation.

That’s all grand. However, when I hit up Essence’s website the next day, they’re featuring Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta, the quintessential “Black women REALLY don’t get along” show on television. Forever calling out VH1 for its foray into Black reality television with the Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Real Chance at Love, For the Love of Ray J, and Charm School series, they’re ready to swim piranha-infested waters to get the latest scoops on the ferocious ladies of A-Town. Contradicting much?

In that same issue, Essence features their new set of "Do Right Men" with the tagline “You’re Invited to Marry a Millonaire”. Really, Essence? I appreciated the previous "Do Right Men" series because they featured men from all walks of life – Hell, I was about to semi-stalk one of the dudes in last year’s issue – but damn, this time you pick dudes with seven figures. We can all dream, right?

So yeah, Essence gets me salty from time to time. When they foray into sports is when I roll my eyes and suck my teeth the most. But then they showcase a athlete so fine, so sexy and so hung, that I forget.

Peep Kansas City Chiefs' Kolby Smith


So thank you Essence magazine for allowing me to forget that you contradict yourselves on the daily – and that I contradicted myself in this post. Damn, he’s fine.

August Single Man of the Month: Kolby Smith [Essence]
Kolby Smith Photo Gallery [Essence] (Pics above via)

Monday, August 3, 2009

President Obama's Birthday is Tomorrow ...or is it?!

I've personally ran away from writing about the Birther movement because acknowledging those crack-asses give them some credit.

But after watching these doozie of a clip, starring Orly Taitz, the "lawyer" for the Birther movement, I figured the visual evidence of this buffoonery would be ether towards their ridiculous movement.

You Wanna Talk About Honesty?

As a current Philadelphian, I have amounted a sizable collection of potshots towards the state of New Jersey. Like really, how do you not know how to pump your own gas?!

But "AIDS-infested cesspool"? That's a new one. I didn't get that from any ol' dude on the street. I got that from The Trentonian, Trenton, New Jersey's very own local newspaper.

TRENTON — The city might be an AIDS-infested cesspool, but at least its thugs aren’t racially divided. Just ask a 23-year-old man who was beaten with a baseball bat by four men — two black and two white — who then shot the victim in the left shin Saturday morning, according to police.

It was one of two shootings during the weekend. The other victim was shot in the leg, too. [Source]
Harsh, ain't it? I couldn't even imagine the Philadelphia Daily News going this far, damn. For an article that is clearly not an Op-Ed, that is a very bold and brazen thing to say about the AIDS-infested cesspool city that you serve.

City violence: Victims beaten, stabbed & shot [The Trentonian]

Pittsburgh is Oh So Hood ...

My father grew up near Pittsburgh in a town called Coraopolis, in the part of town called Moon Township, on top of the damn Allegheny mountains, secluded from the rest of the city. So damn quiet yet so damn menacing. He used to say that my Grandma forbade him from going down the hill into the city of Coraopolis because it was too "busy". But when we drove through it, my first thought was "this is hella suburban."

...but it wasn't Pittsburgh.

This is Pittsburgh.

Yep, the Steel City, just like every freaking metropolitan area, has a gang problem. For some reason that surprises people because there is this absurd idea that the only Blacks in Pittsburgh are Steelers. Haven't we learned? Black people are EVERYWHERE. And so are Bloods and Crips. I wonder how the OGs in Los Angeles think about that...

Graduate Sues Former College Due to Current Unemployment

The Class of 2009 will tell you: This is not the year to be looking for a job. With unemployment rates skyrocketing and many corporate establishments pulling a rain-check in the job-search department, many recent grads are finding it a tad bit hard to find a job within their field better yet find a job period.

One student’s grievance led to her to this logic: Since I can’t find a job, let me sue the school that gave me my Bachelor’s degree because apparently that degree ain’t getting me a job.

Trina Thompson, 27, filed a lawsuit last week against Monroe College in Bronx Supreme Court.

She is seeking to recover $70,000 (£42,000) she spent on tuition to get her information technology degree.

Monroe College spokesman Gary Axelbank said Ms Thompson's lawsuit was "completely without merit".

The ex-student, who received her degree in April, says the college's Office of Career Advancement did not provide her with the leads and career advice it had promised.

"They have not tried hard enough to help me," she wrote about the college in her lawsuit. [Source]
Anyone with a mind will tell you: A college degree is no damn guarantee for employment. Depending on your field, you better have substantial work or internship experience on deck. I can’t speak for IT, but as a Communications major, journalism jobs ain’t all that popping either. This is survival of the fittest mode right now; you take what you can get.

And by taking what you can get, that means going out there and looking for work. If she believed that her school would take care of all of her employment search, then she was highly mistaken. She has a Bachelor degree; that gets her a job somewhere, shit.

Suing your school is extremely backwards and an insult to everyone who graduates from college and is seriously having trouble finding work in this economy. Woman up.

Jobless graduate sues her college [BBC]

"Funny How Time Flies" : 50 Cent's "Forever King" and the R&B of the 90's

I have a love/hate relationship with 50 Cent.

Like everyone else, I was all about 2003's Get Rich and Die Tryin' and 50's subsequent beatdown of an once-reigning Hip-Hop hitmaker called Ja Rule. Who wasn't screaming G-G-G-G-G-UNIT! around the school halls and streets of America? However, just like most, I fell off of the Curtis bandwagon after a few musical duds ("Candy Shop" ... ugh) and misguided beefs but I always found myself liking one or two 50 joints, especially off of his mixtape efforts.

Truth be told, I wasn't paying attention to 50's latest tape, Forever King, until I saw the video for his audio interpolation of "Funny How Time Flies" by Intro, one of the groups highlighted in my Best Male Groups of the 1990s post. For him to pick one of my favorite Intro cuts to chop and screw made my day. Those guys are consistently forgotten in the R&B discussions of the 90s.

At that point, I had to grab the tape and to my surprise, he rips some of the best R&B cuts of the decade. It's good to see somebody give credence to these records, even if it's a guy who can't put out a new studio album to save his life.

Below are the 90s-infused tracks of Forever King and the sampled classics.

Track #4: "Things We Do"

Original: Gina Thompson feat. Missy Elliot "The Things You Do (Remix)"

Track #5: "Get This Money"

Original: Horace Brown "One For The Money"

Track #6: "Funny How Time Flies"

Original: Intro "Funny How Time Flies"

Track #7: "If U Leaving, Then Leave"

Original: Jeff Redd "You Called and Told Me"

Track #8: "Dreaming"

Original: Christopher Williams "I'm Dreaming"

Track #11: "Touch Me"

Original: Case feat. Foxy Brown "Touch Me, Tease Me"