Monday, September 28, 2009

Sickening Repetition

Remind me to make a mix CD on my next road trip.

This past Saturday, my “sister” Robin and I decided to make a trip to Cherry Hill, NJ for a mall fashion show hosted by What Not to Wear’s Clinton Kelly (don’t judge me). It’s about a two and a half hour drive from Maryland, nothing too crazy. While we were in the car, reminiscing about people – man, did I find out some stuff – and talking about other shenanigans, we kept getting interrupted by the same damn songs.

Seriously, the same four songs were played over and over and over. If I ever hear that bass line to Mario’s “Breakup”, I’m going to scream. It was either that song, “Run This Town”, Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings”, the atrocious “LOL :-)” – why, Trey, why? – or some Drake song , take your pick. When we hit the Philly area, both urban radio stations were playing the same exact song. Foul.

Radio is sorry. The same five or six songs should not be played every hour. I never listened to radio when I was in Philly and honestly, I see why. With the advent of attachments for IPods and mp3s for cars and classic mix CD, people can actually listen to whatever the hell they want to. You don’t have to sit through countless plays of the same songs over again. What’s the point?

They play these songs as if we’re never going to hear them again, it’s ridiculous. Now I see how, as a teenager, it was easy to get indoctrinated into what songs I should or shouldn’t like. Radio was the outlet for hearing new music, so if you heard a song 10 to 12 times a day, it’s going to stick with you. It’s rare to have one of those “the radio plays this?” moments anymore. I could probably, in my sleep, predict the top 20 songs played on radio right now. Am I the only person that finds that ridiculously pathetic?

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  1. you're not...if i hear "Successful", "You the Best" or "Every Girl" one more time, Drake will pay with his life...