Saturday, September 12, 2009

Incest via the Internet: Mom Sexes Long-Lost Son She Located via. The Web

Put this in the "grossed the hell out" file. A Michigan mother located her son that she gave up for adoption. Her idea of "getting caught up" involved knockin' boots with the boy.
A 35-year-old Michigan woman had sex with her teenage son she had given up for adoption years earlier, authorities allege.

The Oakland Press in Pontiac reported Thursday that police charged Aimee Louise Sword of Waterford Township with third-degree sexual assault over her alleged sexual relationship with her son, whose specific age and identity were not reported.

Authorities allege more than 10 years after she gave her son up for adoption, Sword found the teenager through the Internet and their incestuous relationship began. [Source]
I can't lie ... I've had a fear about something like this happening (not to this degree though, hell no). Like a lot of people with GIANT families, I've used the internet and social networking sites to locate aunts and cousins. But I've also met some really good people over the net as well. When I moved to Philly for school, I used to vet the hell out of people to make sure we weren't related (I got family all over Philly). I'm not trying to bump uglies with a cousin-through-marriage-twice-removed, trust.

Michigan woman accused of sleeping with son [UPI via Jezebel]

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  1. Hey...cousins through marriage don't count...nobody told ur aunt and my uncle 2 get married, what that got 2 do with me lol...if there's no blood, I can show love...

    On a serious note, this some sick, fucked up shit...but that seems 2 be the way of the world nowadays, I'm not even shocked by anything anymore...