Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Saw This In My Paper This Morning

As I ate my grits this morning, I saw this ad in the Washington Post's NFL preview . Mind you, I've relocated from Philly to DC. Mind you, I think this is stupid. Mind you, it almost says subliminally that Vick will be hitting the ground more than he should (ie. as a starter). Even when I move, I can't escape this shit.


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  2. now THATS funny...goshgollygahdman these mafuckas have NO lives...

    My fav part is "spend some time takin care of a homeless pit bull" Yes, sending amateur PETA flowerchildren out into the hoods of DC (aka everything but the monuments) to rescue wild junkyard dogs sounds like an idea that will turn out well...

  3. too bad you're gonna get those sorry ass deadskins games.