Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rest In Peace Coach Jim Johnson

That blitz. You could see it coming. Before the snap, you could smell the blood in the air. You could see Brian Dawkins slowly creep up to the line. You saw the linebackers in that intimidating stance. They were ready to chop some heads off, all by the command of the best defensive coordinators in the league. And when the assault came, it was felt through your TV screen. You felt bad for the offensive line and the running back that was forced to block the Mack truck that was coming full-speed. You said your prayers for the quarterback that is about to feel his whole body -- all physical, emotional, spiritual parts -- hit the deck with so much gusto, you felt a twitch in your left leg. You wanted to call his mother and apologize on behalf of the Eagles organization. "He's a good kid but it had to happen ...It's called life".

It was the Jim Johnson defense and the mastermind behind it passed away yesterday at the age of 68 from cancer. I'll miss seeing Coach Johnson parade up and down the sideline, just to look at his clipboard and call another attack. It won't be the same without him leading the charge. I thought missing our commander Brian Dawkins would hurt but this takes it to another level. The D won't be the same but yet, I know it will.

Johnson's imprint on the Eagles, better yet the NFL, will be felt in years to come. I know he will be smiling from heaven when that blitz places another quarterback into panic mode and we will be smiling too ... thinking about the person that made it all happen.

From this Eagles fan ... Rest in Peace.

Eagles’ Jim Johnson dies from cancer [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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  1. It was really shocking and sad that it happened.