Thursday, July 9, 2009

Police Conclude McNair to be a Victim of Murder-Suicide.

I hate being sort of right in these situations.

Police have determined that Sahel Kazemi murdered former Titans quarterback Steve McNair last weekend with four shots while he was asleep on the couch, then sat down next to him and shot herself in the temple.

Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas said at a press conference this afternoon that their interviews with Kazemi's friends and coworkers showed that in the last five to seven days of her life, the 20-year-old felt her life was unraveling.

She had recently saw signs that McNair may be involved with another woman, and she might have been worried about making rent payments and payments on two cars, including a Cadillac Escalade registered in both her and McNair's name.

“We do believe there was evidence that she was spinning out of control,” Serpas said.

Serpas said Kazemi shot McNair in the right temple. That was followed quickly with two shots to the chest from about two to four feet away. Then she shot him in the left temple, which Serpas said was a "contact shot" within two inches from his head. [Source]
A few things stuck out to me after the press conference:

First, it was pretty clear through that police press conference and later newspaper reports that McNair may have given Kazemi the idea that their relationship would be over. She even had the inclination that he was seeing another female. There is also an alleged trip to Vegas in which she was stood up by McNair.

Secondly, the naïveté of McNair’s associates bothers me. Robert Gaddy, a friend of the McNair family and the 911 caller, is sick of people calling McNair “baseless” for his affair, saying to the Tennessean that "People need to quit talking about what they don't know. Mac never said anything to me about he was going to get a divorce, and ever since this has all happened everybody is trying to paint a certain picture and they need to talk about what they know".

Gaddy knew.

He knew about the affair. Why do you think Wayne Neely, also a friend of McNair and the one who found the bodies, panicked? How can you explain Steve McNair found dead on the ground with his mistress? You can’t. I know they want to play as out of the loop in this situation out of respect for McNair’s family but damn, don’t get all defensive. As for whether Mechelle, McNair’s wife, knew about his affair, that’s still up in the air with me. I can believe that she didn’t know but you always an inclination that something isn’t right.

Thirdly, how the hell was McNair going to “marry” this girl and stay married with his wife? Why type of pimp-shit is that? Someone was going to end up on the wrong side of that situation, Kazemi with the higher odds. Four kids, a wife and a reputation > a jumpoff. Add on the fact she was selling her things to move in with him. Did he get too over his head and wanted to back out FOR GOOD?

And lastly, why are people underestimating this girl? People are finding it hard to believe that she devised this plan by herself, from buying the gun to the actual murder-suicide. I must admit, I do feel like someone may have been in her ear in terms of making the final move and whatnot but something drove her to feel as if this was her ONLY option. She contemplated this move.

We will never really know what led to her decision to end McNair’s life. Maybe she did take an “it’s us or nothing” approach. Maybe he did pull the rug from out under from her. All we can do now is mourn the loss of a pioneer and hope that others learn from Kazemi’s decision. Sometimes, it isn’t worth it. Not your life, at least.

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911 caller says McNairs were not divorcing [The Tennessean]

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