Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Play Your Position…

“And only a few fit in, your lifestyle’s written/So who you supposed to be, play your position” – Memphis Bleek, “My Mind Right”

While watching Levi Johnston on TV explain his “reasoning” for why Sarah Palin quit decided to leave her position as Alaska Governor, four words came to my mind: What a fucking come-up.

See, Levi Johnston played the sympathetic character of the Palin family very well. During the 2008 Presidential Election, Johnston was pulled out from under the mudflats of Alaska when then Vice-President-nominee Palin disclosed that her daughter, Bristol, was pregnant. Force to show the world that the Palin’s life was not that dysfunctional, Johnston found his way into the photo-ops of the Palin family, now infamously enclosed in the memories of those who watched the Republican National Convention. I mean, you could see the look on his face; he REALLY didn’t want to be there.

Fast-forward a few months later. Bristol has her baby and is being touted by the media – and her mother – as the new “face” of teen pregnancy. She was a traveling side-show, for real. Levi stayed pretty quiet until his mother was arrested on drug charges. Then all these stories began to leak about how the Palins and the Johnstons got beef, MySpace wall-posts and all.

Levi alleged that he and his family had not been able to see his child. They also alleged that Levi’s sister used to be mad cool with the Palin until Grandma Sarah decided that she didn’t want her grandchild around the Johnstons. Mind you, they did all of this confessing on the Tyra Banks show. After the Johnston’s did multiple interviews, the Palins threw the Johnstons under a Zamboni. Anyway, all of this made the Palins look awful and really made Sarah Palin look like a bitch.

We felt bad for the kid. He seemed like a normal teenager who made the mistake of getting a State Governor’s daughter pregnant. I mean, how many times has that happened, people? But since then, a GQ interview and some interesting internet tidbits including him wanting to be an actor severely make him look as fucked up as the people who brought him into this mess.

When he first started interviews, he claimed it was to clear his name. We believed him. He was the silent yet conspicuous figure of the ’08 Presidential Election-clusterfuck. Him and Bristol knocked boots and now he can’t be him. But now he’s playing into the role of someone who couldn’t get used to playing his position. He didn’t have to do anything to make himself look worse in the media except become a victim of its tendency to suck the human-being out of someone. He was good at being the enemy of the Palin-state but no, he wants to go on TV and whatnot to talk more shit about the Palins.

Truth be told, besides Bristol and her baby, don’t nobody give a damn about this boy and I thought that was how he wanted it. You claim to be so damn out of the loop with the Palins but yet, you know why Sarah Palin made her decision. It’s making you look like an opportunist, a claim that the Palins have been touting since you sat down with Ms. “You Wanna Be On Top?” earlier this year. You had the perfect place in the Sarah Palin story but no, you wanna mess that all up. Listen to Jay-Z’s weed-carrier and “play your position”.


  1. And Levi seemed like a good upstanding citizen.. ha ha ha

  2. lol he was being an opportunist from the jump basically. He didn't want to be an actor until someone said you can be a reality tv star and make some cake without actually having to do anything, move to the real US and go to the big city in California! I would jump at the chance too.